Singulus claims new coating machine can improve solar cell efficiency by up to 1%



Singulus says its new production equipment can apply a passivation layer to the edges of half-cell, multi-cell and shingle cells. Its Generis PET machine is also suitable for batch or inline processing and is compatible with all crystalline solar cell technologies.

The company said that applying a passivation layer to the edges of different cell shapes, including half-cells, multi-cells and shingle cells, can improve solar cell efficiency by up to 1.0% compared to untreated cells. This improvement is achieved by minimizing unwanted effects at the cutting edges.

“The machine can process half cells, several cells and also cell strips (shingle cells) after surgery,” said the company’s CEO Stefan Rinck. “Our unique platform design enables the processing of thousands of cells per platform at a high packing density. In the process, passivation layers are applied to the precisely cut edges without unwanted effects on the cell surfaces.

Generis PET offers flexibility for both batch and inline processing and is compatible with any crystalline solar cell technology. The system is currently available for testing and sampling.

Singulus Technologies collaborated with German module equipment manufacturer M10 Solar Equipment GmbH to optimize the shingle cell module process. The company will showcase this technology at Intersolar Europe this month.

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