Research shows that UK heat pump owners are satisfied with the performance of older houses



A survey of over 2,500 residential heat pump and 1,000 gas boiler owners in the UK shows that 83% of respondents are as satisfied or more satisfied with their heat pumps than their previous heating system in homes built before 1900.

According to its analysis, 81% of people who have installed a heat pump in their current home are as satisfied or more satisfied than their previous heating system. The figure is similar for heat pump owners in pre-20th century Victorian properties at 83%.

Nesta said the similar level of satisfaction across property types and ages suggests heat pumps are likely to be effective in all types of housing in the UK.

“It’s time to end the outdated notion that older homes don’t support heat pumps,” said Madeleine Gabriel, Nesta’s Director of Sustainable Futures. “The introduction of heat pumps across all property types in the UK shows that the age of your house doesn’t have to be a big factor in deciding whether to buy a greener heating system.”

The study also shows that the satisfaction level of heat pump and gas boiler users is high and very similar. According to Nesta, heat pump owners especially prefer their heat pumps if they have previously used electric heating, oil or LPG boilers. More than 80% of these users said they were more satisfied with their heat pumps, while 75% of users switching from gas boilers said they were more satisfied with their heat pumps.

In terms of operating costs, Nesta reports that heat pump users are more satisfied. 67% of heat pump owners and 59% of gas boiler owners were satisfied. However, heat pump users were less satisfied with ease of use and control compared to gas boiler users. About 74% of heat pump users said they were quite or very satisfied, while 88% of gas boiler users did.

Finally, the study showed that the most satisfied people are those who have chosen to install a heat pump in their own home, not those who move into new buildings or existing properties with heat pumps.

“According to the research, heat pump ‘inheritors’ – those who move into homes with a heat pump already installed – would benefit more from knowing how to use their systems, as many had very little knowledge of heat pumps before moving into their properties,” concluded. Nesta.

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