A French agrivoltaics specialist uses artificial intelligence to integrate the landscape



France’s GLHD uses artificial intelligence technology for landscape integration through a tablet application that displays and visualizes fixed structures on agricultural power farms.

French agrivoltaics specialist GLHD has developed a digital tool for viewing its projects in augmented reality.

Designed for tablets by Bordeaux-based startup Yzar, the app allows its users to display and visualize rural farm fixed structures or tracking devices in a specific landscape.

Based on this first overview, the future residents of the surrounding areas have the opportunity to roll back the panels and simulate the appearance of the hedges to gain information about different landscape integration solutions. They can also move under structures at a selected anchor point to check different visual observations as they approach the project.

“The use of augmented reality is particularly important in representing agrivoltaism. The concept of agricultural production in an agricultural electricity system can be complex to understand, as can landscape integration solutions. With the help of this application, the residents of that area can visualize the actual size of objects at different distances in real time. This immediacy is important to objectify preconceived notions and encourage everyone’s input,” said Pierre Jeanne, Yzar’s president and co-founder.

Founded in 2017, Yzar develops innovative visualization solutions to help its customers simplify the understanding of their projects by providing accurate, animated and interactive 3D presentations shared in augmented reality, mainly on smartphones or tablets.

“The test we conducted during the walk allowed the participants to understand how the trackers work and to visualize the integration of the landscape, which was imagined in collaboration with local communities and authorities,” said Anaïs Plumer, GLHD project manager.

The company tested the application for the first time in the Précy-le-Sec agricultural electricity project area in Yonne. Founded in Martillac near Bordeaux in 2018, GLHD now supports more than 200 active actors involved in the planning of agri-electricity projects.

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