New high voltage hybrid inverters for home use from China



The efficiency of Auxsol’s new three-phase hybrid inverters is 97.34% and the European efficiency is 96.45%. They are available in five versions with power ranging from 5 kW to 12 kW.

The inverter and energy storage manufacturer offers the ASG-TL series in five versions with outputs from 5 kW to 12 kW.

“Three-phase hybrid solar inverters can significantly reduce the electricity bill through power limiting, peak and valley arbitration mode and effectively improve self-consumption,” Auxsol says on its website.

Transformerless inverters measure 540 mm x 420 mm x 218 mm and weigh 31.5 kg. They have an efficiency of 97.34%, the European ones 96.45%, and have two maximum power point tracking (MPPT) points.

The MPPT voltage range is 200 V to 900 V, and the maximum PV output is 18 kW for 12 kW inverters and 7.5 kW for 5 kW devices. The maximum input voltage is 1000 V.

Inverters operating in the temperature range -30 C to 60 C have IP66 protection. They feature lithium-ion batteries with voltages ranging from 200V to 800V and support a maximum charge/discharge current of 30A.

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