Hydrogen Stream: Oman rewards large-scale green hydrogen projects



Oman has signed hydrogen deals with CIP, Shell and BP, while Germany has strengthened its hydrogen ties by linking it to wider European initiatives.

Hydrom has won three hydrogen projects in Oman through a public auction, with the Amnah consortium winning block Z1-01. BP Oman secured block Z1-03, and the Green Energy Oman consortium was awarded block Z1-04. Hydrom has also signed an agreement with the government of Oman for land rights and an agreement with OQ Gas Networks for cooperation in the development of green hydrogen pipelines.

University of Delft researchers have found that temperature and pressure are the main limitations to variable operation in PV-powered electrolysis systems. They said that the electrical response of water electrolyzers is not a concern. “The practical solar-to-hydrogen efficiency of these systems is 10%, although the very high coupling factor exceeds 99% for direct-coupled systems, they wrote.Dynamic operation of water electrolyzers: A review of applications in photovoltaic system integration.” They said that including a battery could improve the efficiency of solar and hydrogen, although it might increase costs. They also said that the intermittency of solar radiation, rather than its variability, poses the biggest challenge to PV-hydrogen systems in terms of operation and degradation.

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