Ecoflow presents a new balcony PV system



The US-based Ecoflow has announced that it will commercialize a balcony solar device equipped with a portable power plant for residential use.

Ecoflow offers the system in three versions, without storage, with 1 kWh or 2 kWh storage. The set is also available with two 400 W rigid solar panels in an offer aimed at home owners. The price range varies from 1,000 euros ($1,077) to 2,700 euros depending on the options chosen.

According to the manufacturer, the maximum solar power of the device is 800 W and it can produce up to 1039 kWh of electricity per year according to tests carried out in Germany.

“With an integrated energy management system, the microinverter is able to distribute the right amount of electricity to each device and the surplus to the portable power plant,” Ecoflow said in a press release.

The system can be installed without the intervention of professionals. Flat cables are designed to pass through gaps in doors and windows to avoid drilling into walls. The plug and play device is available for purchase online.

California-based Ecoflow recently opened its European headquarters in Düsseldorf, Germany.

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