Hamburg implements large heat pumps in a waste water heating project



Johnson Controls says it will supply four 15 MW heat pumps to a district heating network in Hamburg, Germany. The new system will be equipped at the city’s central wastewater treatment plant as part of the wastewater heating project.

The plant is expected to start supplying heat to the city from 2025, Johnson Controls said in a statement. The company will install four 15 MW heat pumps, which will supply heat to more than 39,000 apartments.

“The heat pumps take heat from the treated wastewater that leaves the plant every day and feed it to Hamburg Energie’s district heating system, which is part of the city’s Port Energy Park heating network,” Johnson Controls said in a statement.

The manufacturer claims that the installation is one of the first major heat pump projects in Germany. According to Hamburg Energie’s spokesperson, heat from industrial processes and waste recycling is also supplied to Hamburg’s district heating network.

“The Hamburg wastewater heating project is an example of how heat transfer can be successful if we consistently use local energy sources and state-of-the-art technology,” the spokesperson said.

The heat pumps are shipped from Johnson Controls’ manufacturing facility in Nantes, France. In addition to the Hamburg Water project, Johnson Controls also supplies similar heat pumps to power companies such as EnBW Stuttgart, Stadtwerke Rosenheim and Vienna Energy.

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