Israel is launching a tender to lease land in the Negev desert for the introduction of solar energy



Israeli officials said new solar projects are being built for specialty industries in Israel’s Ramat Bekaa.

It said the projects will be placed Ramat Bekaa industrial area, between highway 40 and highway 25. Interested solar developers can submit their proposals until August 20.

By the end of March 2022, Israeli authorities had designated 11,600 hectares (4,693 acres) for solar power plants. Israel supports solar electricity with tenders in large projects and maintains an incentive system for rooftop electricity with feed-in tariffs.

The Ministry of Land and Rural Development together with the Ministry of Energy launched tenders for the onshore electricity sector in March 2022 to promote the dual use of land. In 2021, Israel’s road traffic authority launched a tender for the construction of solar power plants at highway intersections.

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