Britain plans to cut VAT on residential batteries



The UK government is to introduce a new measure to remove value added tax (VAT) on household batteries installed after solar panels.

“The issue of VAT on batteries installed after solar panels is something that has been raised a number of times in the work of our committee,” said the Hon Philip Dunne, Chair of the UK’s Environment Scrutiny Committee. “I am therefore very pleased that this has been considered in the Government’s consultation on VAT on energy-saving materials, and the committee intends to make submissions to the Chancellor of the Exchequer on what evidence we have received on this issue.”

The committee did not say when the new measure might come into effect. “The VAT measure means that battery storage provided as part of the installation of compliant material will benefit from zero VAT for the next 5 years,” it specified in a document detailing all the measures the government plans to take to support housing production.

These include recommendation bring a new onebriefly built apartment include sun- PV like a minimum requirement, setting more ambitious installation targets on the road to 2035 and other proposed solutions skills and supply chain issues.

The British government had already reduced the VAT on rooftop electricity and heat pumps to zero in March.

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