TSUN introduces a new series of microinverters



TSUN’s new microinverter series has an input current of up to 18.5 A and an efficiency of up to 97.2%. According to the manufacturer, it is particularly suitable for complex installation environments.

“With an input current of up to 18.5 A, the TITAN series microinverters are perfectly compatible with PV modules of different sizes and power ranges, especially the conventional 182 mm and 210 mm modules,” a company spokesperson said. pv magazine. “It can also meet the requirements of module development trends in the next three to five years.”

The company offers three versions: TSOL-MP2250, TSOL-MP3000 and TSOL-MS3000.

The first model weighs 6.4 kg and connects up to four solar panels. Its power is 2.2 kW, nominal output current 10.2 A and maximum input voltage 60 V. Its efficiency is 97.0% and CEC-weighted efficiency 96.5%.

The second version weighs 7.2 kg and up to six panels can be connected to it. It has a power of 3 kW, a nominal output current of 13.6 A, six inputs and a maximum input voltage of 60 V. It has an efficiency of 97.1% and a CEC-weighted efficiency of 96.6%.

The third product, which weighs 6.8 kg, can connect up to eight panels. Its power is 3 kW, nominal output current 13.6 A, four inputs and maximum input voltage 120 V. Its efficiency is 97.2% and CEC-weighted efficiency 96.7%.

All models measure 354mm x 294mm x 60mm and offer IP67 protection. TSUN also offers a 12-year product warranty.

“Over the next 12 to 18 months, TSUN’s goal is to continue to raise standards and lower costs with the goal of reducing the target price of microinverter channels to $0.05/W,” said a TSUN spokesperson.

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