Italy allocates 154 MW of solar energy in the latest renewable energy auction



Italian authorities have indicated 368.2 MW of renewable energy capacity in the country’s latest clean energy procurement. Developers have offered a maximum discount ranging from 2-2.8% of the maximum auction price of €0.065 ($0.070)/kWh.

Gestore dei Servizi Energetici (GSE), Italy’s energy agency, has allocated 368.2 MW of renewable energy capacity in the country’s 11th renewable energy auction to projects above 1 MW.

The GSE awarded 149 MW of solar power to 16 locations and five wind projects with a combined capacity of 213.8 MW. Solar power projects range in size from 1.7 MW to 49.5 MW.

The developers offered a maximum discount of 2-2.8 percent from the maximum auction price of €0.065/kWh. The lowest bid came at 0.0607 €/kWh and was offered for the largest project – a 75.6 MW wind farm planned for the southern Italian province of Foggia.

Bids were slightly higher or equal to the 10th renewable energy auction and all other previous operations.

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