Hydrogen flow: Norway and Finland lead in Europe



Plug Power has revealed its plans to develop three green hydrogen production plants in Finland, while Statkraft is increasing its investments in the German hydrogen market.

Statkraft is announced expansion goals into the German market, aiming to install 300 MW – 500 MW of wind and solar projects annually starting in 2027. By 2030, the company plans to have at least 250 MW of electrolysis capacity in use in Germany. A 10 MW pilot project in Emden is planned for 2025, with the aim of using electrolysis equipment that will produce up to 200 MW of green hydrogen connected to the hydrogen pipeline network by 2030.

World Energy GH2 and SK ecoplant have signed a three-phase development plan For Canada’s inaugural commercial green hydrogen plant. This is the first foreign investment in a Canadian green hydrogen project. SK ecoplant acquires a 20% stake in World Energy GH2 Limited Partnership. The project’s development plan includes three wind farms with a power of at least 3 GW.

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