European Energy receives approval for a 250 MW solar power plant in southern Italy



Danish independent power producer European Energy announced that it will build a new 250 MW substation in Sicily near the Italian grid operator Terna’s. Its area is about 200 hectares.

Danish renewable energy company European Energy says it has received all the necessary permits to build a 250 MW solar power plant in Vizzini, Catania province, Sicily, southern Italy.

The company said the solar plant will be located near a substation in Vizzini owned by Italian grid operator Terna and will cover an area of ​​around 200 hectares.

“At the moment, both traditional photovoltaic and tracking solutions to increase energy production with panels that follow the direction of the sun are technically being evaluated, as well as ‘agricultural’ solutions to coordinate electricity production and the harvest of valuable crops,” European Energy said in a statement, without providing further technical or financial details.

If the plant is built, it will be the largest solar power plant in Italy. Currently, the country’s largest solar power plant is also owned and operated by a Danish company. It is a 123 MW solar project in Troia in the province of Foggia. The facility was connected to an ancient archaeological site discovered during the project’s research.

“We have already demonstrated our ability to design, develop and manage record-breaking large and complex renewable energy projects,” said Alessandro Migliorini, European Energy Italy Country Director. “With this authorization, we take a new step forward in our strategic path, we continue to invest in Italy for the implementation of renewable energy, mainly wind and solar power projects, which are always related to the revitalization or development programs of the cultural environment. of the natural heritage of the area they claim.”

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