Daikin presents an air-to-water heat pump for commercial applications



Daikin Applied Americas has developed an air-to-water heat pump capable of producing 91.2 kW of heat and 23.58 tons of cooling. The new device can be used as a cascade system with water-to-water heat pumps and can switch between cooling and heating mode depending on temperature requirements.

“The Trailblazer HP is an air-to-water heat pump chiller that offers a reverse function that allows the chiller to switch between cooling and heating modes based on the temperature requirements of the space or process being conditioned,” Daikin said in a statement.

The heating power of the device is 91.2 kW and the cooling power is 23.58 tons. Its coefficient of performance (COP) in heating mode is 3.12 and seasonal coefficient of performance (SCOP) is 3.31.

The dimensions of the heat pump are 1,800 mm x 1,195 mm x 2,826 mm and the weight is 912 kg.

“This heat pump series is the result of careful planning with the aim of optimizing the energy efficiency of the unit. The aim is to lower operating costs and improve the profitability, efficiency and financial management of the installation,” says Daikin in the release. “The heat pump has efficient scroll compressors, a large surface area of ​​the condenser coil to achieve maximum heat transfer and low discharge pressure, continuous fan speed modulation and a brazed plate evaporator with low refrigerant pressure losses.”

Scroll compressors work in a circular motion, unlike up and down reciprocating compressors. According to Daikin, the compressors are connected in series to one cooling circuit and are mounted on rubber anti-vibration mounts and topped up with oil.

The device uses R410A as refrigerant, which has a global warming potential (GWP) of 2,088.

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