Portugal launches floating solar tender



Portugal is auctioning five projects with a combined capacity of 4.5 MW. Their total investment is about 4.3 million euros (4.6 million dollars).

Empresa de Desenvolvimento e Infraestruturas do Alqueva (EDIA), managed by the Portuguese Ministry of Agriculture, has launched an international tender for the construction of five floating solar power plants. These facilities are located in the Ferreira do Alentejo, Almeidas, Pias, Penedrão and Monte Novo basins.

The combined capacity of the five projects is 4.5 MW, and their total investment is approximately 4.3 million euros ($4.6 million).

The offer includes the maintenance of the facilities for three years after commissioning.

The plants feed neighboring pump stations, whose annual production is estimated to be 7 GWh.

This is expected to be the first of four tenders to be launched at the end of the summer for a global investment of around EUR 60 million, equivalent to an installation of around 70 MW.

EDIA aims to replicate the success of the floating solar power plant installed in the Cuba-Este basin, which has been operating since 2020.

Portuguese researchers at the University of Évora recently found that the installed capacity of floating solar systems could exceed the 7 GW target set out in the country’s National Energy and Climate Plan 2030.

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