A PV system collapsed on the roof of a sports center in Spain



The mayor of Bilbao, Spain has attributed the recent collapse of the roof of the local sports center to heavy rains and numerous solar panels, according to local news papers.

Bilbao Kirolak, under the Bilbao City Council in Spain, has announced the closure of part of the San Inazio sports center due to a roof collapse. The rest of the Bilbao City facility is open and operational. The cause of the collision is currently being investigated.

Mayor Juan Mari Aburto stated in a local radio interview that heavy rains and numerous solar panels on the roof of the sports center may have caused the collapse.

The solar panels were installed in 2010 after Inbisa Construcción was awarded the project, making it the largest solar roof in Bizkaia at the time. The project originally consisted of 120 solar panels, but based on a photo taken of the collapse, an estimated 168 solar panels. The company’s total investment in the project was 411,000 euros ($440,797).

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