Slenergy will be a new one-stop shop for solar energy in Europe



A new solar company has entered the solar market, pv magazine learned this week at SNEC in Shanghai. The company sells everything from solar modules and inverters to shelves and wall boxes.

“The ship is already on its way,” said Pensee Liu, CEO of new solar company Slenergy. It was launched less than a year ago, but benefits from a decade of experience in electronics manufacturing. It manufactures one-stop residential solar solutions.

The company made its debut at the SNEC conference in Shanghai, China, showcasing its products for the first time. Among the new entrants to the fair, Slenergy – a manufacturer with a factory in Chuzhou, China’s Anhui province – said it produces 15 GW of inverters per year. Currently, the company serves the Chinese market, but also exports to Germany and the Netherlands. Expansion into new European markets is being planned throughout the year, and distribution companies are being established in Germany, Spain and Australia.

The ship mentioned by Liu has the first shipment of Slenergy’s iShare-Home systems on its way to Germany. What sets the company apart is that customers can buy everything they need from one supplier, including modules, inverters, batteries, cables, EV wallboxes and racks, all packaged together. Installers or end customers no longer have to choose and configure different products. they just select the desired system size.

Installation services are enhanced when Slenergy aims to train installation companies to work specifically with their system. Only installers certified by Slenergy are allowed to install systems on the roofs of residential buildings. In return, distributors and installers can benefit from simplified logistics as the systems are pre-assembled and packaged as complete units in warehouses. No need to choose cable thicknesses or sort batteries and inverters by size. The cables also have pre-installed connectors, and the racking solution is delivered directly with the system.

Initially, the company offers PERC modules, but plans to switch to TOPcon modules next year. The PERC module produces 405 W, has a short-circuit current of 13.76 A, an efficiency of 20.70% and weighs 21.2 kg.

According to Slenergy, the smallest system requires about 20-30 m2 of roof area, while the largest system covers 120-135 m2. The nominal AC output power of hybrid frequency converters ranges from 4 kW to 15 kW. The systems can provide full standby power equal to the corresponding AC output of the model. European weighted inverter efficiency ranges from 97.3% to 97.5% depending on system size.

The batteries consist of up to four modules, each of which has an operating capacity of 4.6 kWh. CATL supplies lithium iron phosphate (LFP) cells. According to the manufacturer, the batteries can be discharged up to 90% and their estimated lifetime is 10,000 cycles. Slenergy offers a 10-year performance guarantee for the battery. The system is IP65 protected, which enables outdoor installation.

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