Hydrogen Stream: Namibia launches $10 billion hydrogen project



German investors have agreed to back a hydrogen project in Namibia, while Plug Power and Thyssenkrupp Nucera have announced separate hydrogen deals in Sweden.

Turn on the power has secured three 5 MW electrolyser projects with Ardagh Glass Limmared in Sweden, Hydro Havrand in Norway and APEX Group in Germany. The projects mark the first large-scale use of green hydrogen in glass manufacturing, aluminum recycling and steel production. Plug Power’s standardized turnkey system is in the market with a production capacity exceeding 2 tons per day.

Thyssenkrupp Nucera has partnered with H2 Green Steel to establish Europe’s first large-scale green steel mill. The project, located in Boden, northern Sweden, will use standardized 20 MW electrolysis modules, enabling a capacity of more than 700 MW. As a result of this cooperation, one of the largest water electrolysis plants in Europe will also be created, said Thyssenkrupp Nucera. The operation will start by the end of 2025, and will gradually expand in 2026. In the initial phase, the plant will produce 2.5 million tons of crude steel, which is predicted to increase to 5 million tons by 2030.

State of New York Governor Kathy Hochul has announced a $10 million initiative to promote innovative clean hydrogen R&D and demonstration projects in hard-to-elect sectors. “This RFP is open to funding projects proposed by New York-based entities that are also actively seeking federal clean hydrogen funding opportunities,” Hochul said.

Raise H2 and Cratos has agreed to cooperate on hydrogen solutions for electricity and industrial customers. “Industry collaboration is essential to unlocking the full potential of the hydrogen economy,” said Paul Karzel, Lifte H2’s Director of Industry Relations.

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