Winaico launches a new 430 W n-type TOPCon solar module series



The compact bifacial glass-glass modules will be delivered from the third quarter. They are available in two different versions with an efficiency of 22.02 and 21.76%.

Winaico will soon offer n-type TOPCon glass-to-glass modules in Europe.

The company aims to increase the power of the bifacial modules to 430 W with an efficiency of 22.02% by the time of market entry. In the all-black version, the solar module has a power of 425 W and an efficiency of 21.76%, according to the solar power manufacturer.

The dimensions of the modules are 1722 x 1134 x 35 mm. Winaico gives the products a 30-year warranty, where at least 87.4% of the performance is still guaranteed after 30 years.

The modules use 2 x 2 mm toughened, highly transparent glass, which is 0.4 millimeters higher than the current industry average. The modular frame is very weather-resistant and has a mechanical resistance of 810 kg per square meter. The first modules will be delivered in the third quarter.

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