French gas supplier Butagaz buys large-roof solar power specialist



Butagaz is expanding into the French solar market in cooperation with its subsidiaries Soltea, Solwea and Sys Enri.

French energy supplier Butagaz – which invested in Soltéa and Solewa in 2021 and acquired Sys EnR in late 2022 – has started to expand its presence in the solar market with the acquisition of O’SiToiT. It states that O’SiToiT specializes in large-roof solar power systems, especially in agricultural and industrial halls.

Founded in 2009, O’SiToiT has implemented more than 200 projects, including resale and self-consumption arrangements. It employs 25 people and serves a variety of clients such as farmers, local authorities and industrial companies in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes and Bourgogne-Franche Comté regions.

“In the current energy situation, it is imperative to take efficient, reliable and sustainable actions for our professional customers,” said Bruce Febvret, founder and CEO of O’SiToiT. “Thanks to this partnership, we will promote O’SiToiT’s expertise, accelerate our development and expand our territory in the service of the energy transition. Joining Butagaz Group’s solar complex ensures excellence, progress in recruitment and training of new employees.

Butagaz aims to collaborate with its subsidiaries Soltea, Solwea and Sys Enri, which employ 200 people in most of France and generate almost 100 million euros ($107.4 million). To make its regional network more efficient, the company plans to increase its regional offices from seven to 13 this year.

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