Catalyze Solar Farm brings renewable energy to New York State



Catalyzea clean energy transition company that serves commercial and industrial customers, recently inaugurated its solar power plant in Amherst, New York.

The 6.4 MW facility produces clean energy on behalf of the Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority (BMHA), which serves low- and moderate-income residential customers. Ampion, a community based solar order management company, signed up with the BMHA. More than 1,300 apartments have been ordered for Aurinkotila.

The solar farm helps the Town of Amherst fulfill its role as the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) A clean energy community that promotes the state’s decentralized solar generation goals and the need for projects that benefit other disadvantaged communities. The state aims for 6 GW of distributed solar power by 2025, 70 percent renewable energy by 2030, and 40 percent clean energy investment for disadvantaged communities.

“We are proud to support New York City’s efforts to build a clean, sustainable and affordable renewable energy grid,” said Steve Luker, CEO of Catalyze. “Community solar projects like Amherst offer the opportunity to provide lower energy costs and access to renewable energy for all…”

At Aurinkolita, a herd of sheep herded by the local landowner is used to maintain the vegetation during the grazing season. This provides the landowner with a new source of income, but has minimal impact on the solar farm. The project offers Amherst residents a new way to benefit from a clean energy economy.

Catalyze is owned by energy investors EnCap Investments LP and Actis.

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