APsystems releases a microinverter for balcony electrical systems



APsystems has developed the EZ1 microinverter with an efficiency of 97.3% and a nominal maximum power point tracking (MPPT) of 99.5%. It can be connected to two high-power solar panels.

“This series of products can be directly connected to the outlet via the plug of the AC cable to transfer power to the grid and the load, which greatly simplifies the design, installation and operation and maintenance of the PV system,” a company spokesperson said. pv magazine. “With integrated WiFi and Bluetooth, users can deploy, monitor and perform online diagnostics via a mobile phone app.”

EZ1 microinverters have an efficiency of 97.3% and a nominal maximum power point tracking (MPPT) of 99.5%. They operate in the voltage range 16 V to 60 V and offer a nominal output voltage of 600 VA to 799 VA.

The dimensions of the inverters are 263 mm x 218 mm x 36.5 mm and the weight is 2.8 kg. They are equipped with IP67 enclosure classes and have a natural convection cooling system.

The microinverters also have a 12-year product warranty and can be connected to two solar modules. It has a maximum input current of 20 A and is designed to complement high-power modules.

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