The Portuguese Metalogalva group opens a factory in the United States



Metalogalva, a Portuguese manufacturer of metal structures for the photovoltaic industry, has announced that it will open a factory in Memphis, Tennessee, with an investment of 6 million dollars.

The factory, which employs approximately 130 people, is located in the city of Memphis, Tennessee.

Metalogalva said in a statement that the facility would be used as a manufacturing and distribution center for MSS Steel Tubes, which makes parts for solar panel manufacturers.

MSS Steel Tubes USA is a subsidiary of MSS Steel Tubes, which Metalogalva owns in cooperation with the Brazilian Soufer group.

Founded in 1971, Metalogalva – Irmãos Silvas is the oldest company of the VigentGroup. The company currently operates in 15 countries (Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Poland, Belgium, UK, Algeria, Ukraine, Senegal, Brazil, France, Canada, Angola and Saudi Arabia) and has 16 industrial units in Germany, Saudi Arabia. , in Brazil, France, Ukraine, Angola, Poland, Portugal and now in the United States.

Metalogalva’s annual turnover is 147 million euros.

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