The Indian energy company announces a tender for 13.8 GW of pumped storage



Rewa Ultra Mega Solar has launched a tender to allocate sites for the development of 13.8 GW of cumulative pumped water storage capacity in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. Potential developers must submit their bids by July 4.

Rewa Ultra Mega Solar Ltd. (RUMSL) has launched a call for proposals to allocate sites for the development of a total of 13.8 GW Pumped Storage (PHS) in Madhya Pradesh, India. The offer includes 12 sites with power ranging from 600 MW to 2 GW.

According to the tender document, bidders must have implemented, used or are currently using an electricity generation project (traditional or renewable) with a capacity equal to 25% of the site’s estimated total potential or 500 MW – whichever is smaller – for the last 10 years. This capacity requirement applies to individual bidders or the lead bidder of a consortium.

Madhya Pradesh has significant potential for pumped water storage projects, with the Central Electricity Authority of India (CEA) estimating the state’s total river storage potential at 11.2 GW. The state also has considerable off-river potential.

To unlock this huge pumped hydro storage potential, the Government of Madhya Pradesh has recently introduced the “Implementation Plan for Pumped Hydro Storage (PHS) Projects in Madhya Pradesh”. RUMSL oversees the bidding process for 13.8 GW of PHS projects as part of this system.

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