Sungrow introduces a power optimizer for rooftop solar systems



Sungrow’s new power optimization device has a nominal input power of 600 W, a maximum efficiency of 99.4% and a weighted efficiency of 98.8%. It can hold up to 30 modules per string.

“With the innovative shaded intelligent control technology developed by Sungrow, the SP600S can individually optimize incompatible modules,” the company said in a statement. “Sungrow’s shading-resistant control technology automatically detects the solar exposure status of the modules in real-time to cope with constantly changing shading conditions caused by varying sunlight angles and directions.”

The nominal input power of the device is 600 W, the maximum efficiency is 99.4% and the weighted efficiency is 98.8%. It offers a maximum output current of 16 A and a maximum output voltage of 80 V.

The device measures 86mm x 108mm x 25mm and weighs 0.5kg, with an IP68 enclosure. The manufacturer said the new product could increase the power output of a solar power system by 4 to 30 percent, depending on the group’s operating conditions.

“It can accommodate up to 30 modules per string for optimal installation capacity, and supports mixed installation of different length springs and different power rating modules, making the system design process more flexible,” said Sungrow.

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