Italy commissioned 1 GW of new solar power in the first quarter



Italy reached 26.1 GW of cumulative installed solar capacity at the end of March, according to Italian Solare, the country’s solar energy association.

At the end of December, Italy reached a cumulative solar power capacity of 26,106 MW, spread over 1,221,045 installations, according to new statistics from Italia Solare.

In the first quarter of the year, the country commissioned 1,058 MW of new solar power capacity, which compared to the corresponding period in 2022 was 377 megawatts.

Most of this capacity is made up of photovoltaic systems of less than 20 kW, with an output of 647 MW. The second largest segment is plants ranging from 20 kW to 200 kW, accounting for 289 MW, followed by solar plants above 1 MW with 123 MW.

The largest share of all new capacities is Lombardy 190 MW, Veneto 169 MW, Emilia Romagna 118 MW and Piedmont 106 MW.

“Compared to 2023, a doubling from this year is very likely and in 2024 a further doubling, so we are talking about 2 GW, 4 GW and 8 GW,” Italia Solare president Paolo Rocco Viscontini said. pv magazine at the recent Italia Solare Forum in Rome. In 2022, Italy used 2.48 GW of installed solar power.

The Italian government currently supports large-scale solar through an auction system and rooftop solar through a net-metering program and several tax incentives.

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