EVLO presents a lithium iron phosphate battery for utility use



EVLO Energy Storage’s latest battery energy storage system (BESS) product, EVLOFLEX, is a fully integrated solution with configurable energy of 1.65 MWh, 2 MWh or 2.5 MWh.

The system is available in three versions – 500 kW (1/4C), 1000 kW (1/2C) and 1.5 MW (1C) – and offers configurable energy of 1.65 MWh, 2 MWh or 2.5 MWh. Depending on the configuration, it offers a storage time of one to four hours.

The nominal voltage of EVLOFLEX is 1,306 V. With the specified operating parameters, the battery can operate for up to 7,300 cycles over 20 years without replacement.

According to EVLO, its patented Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery chemistry is more stable and therefore safer than other battery chemistries, with a depth of discharge of 100% and a PCS-AC round-trip efficiency of nearly 90%. The battery’s recommended state of charge (SoC) at 25C is 10% to 98% at 1C and 3% to 98% at 1/4C or 1/2C.

The system can have 51 modules per string and four to five wires per case, which measures 6.1 x 2.44 x 2.59 m. The four-string system weighs 20,000 kg, the five-string system 22,680 kg, and the six-string system 25,400 kg.

EVLOFLEX can be connected to both 50Hz and 60Hz networks, which is configurable in its power conversion system. Its operating temperature is -40 C to 55 C. The new product is IPX4 rated and meets IEEE 693 requirements for seismic events.

According to EVLO, the battery system can be configured to suit a wide range of power or energy applications, such as renewable energy integration, backup power, peak load, resource adequacy, congestion reduction, and deferral of transmission and distribution network investments.

“We designed EVLOFLEX based on direct feedback from our utility and developer customers who need safe, cost-effective and scalable energy storage solutions to keep pace with renewable energy deployment and strengthen the grid at all hours of the day,” says Sonia St-Arnaud, CEO of EVLO.

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