Bslbatt introduces a new wall-mounted battery



Chinese manufacturer Bslbatt claims its latest product is the world’s thinnest high-voltage battery. It is claimed to operate for over 6,000 cycles and has a depth of discharge of 90%.

“At 140 mm thick, this is the thinnest high-voltage household battery in the world,” said a company spokesperson. pv magazine.

The company offers the storage system in seven different versions, where the number of battery packs varies from 3 to 9 and the nominal voltage range is 230.4 V to 691.2 V. The charging capacity is 12.21 kWh to 36.63 kWh.

“Up to 6 units can be connected in parallel, resulting in up to 219.78 kWh of storage space, which is enough for the power needs of an average home and for subsequent device upgrades,” the company stated.

All devices have a nominal capacity of 53 Ah and a charging voltage between 252 V and 756 V. The dimensions of the smallest device are 1,460 mm x 735 mm x 140 mm and the dimensions of the largest are 2,180 mm x 735 x 140 mm. Weight varies from 135 kg to 383 kg.

It is claimed to work for over 6,000 cycles. It also has IP65 protection.

“The battery uses lithium iron phosphate as the cathode material and its self-discharge rate is only 2% per month,” the manufacturer said, noting that the device has a 90% discharge depth. “It is a high-voltage battery system that can be used in three-phase inverters and is designed with a wide-voltage PDU that can accommodate 3-9 battery modules in series combination.”

In November, Bslbatt launched the first product in its ultra-slim range, a 90mm wall-mounted battery, and in April it launched the PowerCube-5, a new rack-mountable storage system intended for use with home solar systems.

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