Beny presents a quick shutdown technique for solar power installations



Beny Electric’s latest module-level rapid shutdown solution is UL certified and SunSpec certified. It says the new technology is designed for a variety of solar power systems, including residential, commercial and large-scale systems.

The product is available in two versions. The BFS-21 series utilizes PLC signal control and PV panel power supply, eliminating the need for additional wiring. In contrast, the BFS-22 series uses an external power supply, which allows for a faster switching speed and makes it suitable for high-speed applications.

“This high-performance inverter accessory improves the efficiency and safety of solar panel systems and incorporates advanced technology to achieve fast switching, high reliability, low power consumption and low cost,” a company spokesperson said. pv magazine.

The input voltage of the device is 120 V and the maximum operating current is 18 A. The maximum input power is 2,160 W. The BFS-21 series weighs 600 g and the BFS-22 series 715 g.

Both product lines are claimed to shut down the operation “within a few milliseconds, ensuring safe operation of the system,” Beny said.

The products have passed UL 1741 certification and SunSpec certification.

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