Polar Racking expands production capacity in the United States



Polar standa North American supplier and manufacturer of solar mounting solutions, has added two US manufacturing facilities to produce solar mounting solutions.

The Michigan and Florida facilities will help Polar Racking meet the growing demand for US-made solar mounting solutions, reduce lead times and build domestic markets for the solar industry.

“Expanding our manufacturing capacity to the United States demonstrates Polar Racking’s unwavering commitment to operational agility and excellence,” said Pals Saddyappan, director of supply chain and global manufacturing at Polar Racking. “Our new facilities in the U.S. will reduce lead time risks for our customers and give us additional control over the entire supply chain.”

Polar Racking CEO Vishal Lala adds: “The expansion of our manufacturing operations is a response to our customers’ needs to meet the domestic content requirements of the Inflation Reduction Act. (Company) supports the government’s initiative to redistribute the supply chain of solar electricity in order to create local jobs and strengthen the local economy.

Polar Racking has 3.4 GW of solar mounting and racking in North America and the Caribbean, supporting the accelerating growth of solar development in North America.

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