Latvia hosts 400 MW of solar power plants



A Latvian developer is building a large solar power plant near the Russian border. The plant produces part of the electricity that the Baltics will no longer receive from Russia after the planned desynchronization of the two energy systems in 2025.

Latvian renewable energy developer PurpleGreen Energy B plans to build a 400 MW solar power plant in Balvi, in the northern part of Latgale, Latvia, on the border with Russia.

The company plans to start building the facility next year, Latvian public radio reports. The factory will be located on an agricultural area owned by a local Koti┼ći farmer.

According to the media, the choice of the place was influenced by the proximity of the high-voltage line currently connected to Russia, which is to be disconnected in the near future. According to the article, Latvia plans to abandon Russian high-voltage lines by 2025.

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