Indian developer secures 300MW renewable energy project with $0.050/kWh bid



Ayana Renewable Power says it will develop more than 1 GW of solar and wind capacity, complemented by a storage solution to ensure 24/7 power supply.

Ayana renewable energyBengaluru-based renewable energy platform, has secured a project to supply 300 MW of renewable energy to REMCL, a joint venture between the Indian Ministry of Railways and RITES Ltd.

Ayana Renewable power won capacity at a levelized tariff of INR 4.1 ($0.050)/kWh through its subsidiary Project Nine Renewable Energy in REMCL’s bidding in the reverse auction of 900 MW capacity.

To supply 300 MW of electricity per day, Ayana needs to install approximately 1 GW of solar and wind capacity, backed by a storage solution. It develops the project on the build-it-yourself-use principle.

“The project is the first of its kind, with high availability and dispatchability, and will add approximately 1 GW of installed capacity from renewables with solar and wind power to Ayana’s portfolio with third-party storage arrangements,” said Ayana. Renewable power. “This brings Ayana’s cumulative capacity in operation, maintenance and development to nearly 5 GW.”

Ayana Renewable Power said that an annual availability project of more than 85 percent will produce reliable renewable energy for 25 years. It claimed to demonstrate RTC’s ability to facilitate base power rather than traditional peak load management.

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