GameChange Solar Tracking Solutions is now compatible with Ojjo Foundations



Ojjo, a supplier of solar foundations, has expanded the compatibility of its patented Earth Truss System to include GameChange Solar’s racking, mounting and tracking solutions.

GameChange Solar joins existing Ojjo tracking partners Array Technologies and Nextracker.

Ojjo’s new design typically requires significantly less steel volume and labor compared to traditional piles, adding value at utility scale for projects with subsurface risks, pre-drilling requirements or significant grading. Designed specifically with compatible hardware designed for each tracker manufacturer’s bearing components, Ojjo foundations integrate seamlessly in a vendor-agnostic approach without changes to any tracking system, the company says.

Ojjo says that its foundation has been put into use in large projects of almost 2 GW, where both Nextracker and Array Technologies systems are utilized. Nextracker took advantage of early adoption and was the first to market an Ojjo UL 2703-listed solution selected for initial projects including the 105 MW Titan and Aragorn projects in Texas and the 175 MW Yellow Pine 1 solar project in Nevada.

Following the release of a compatible solution with Ojjo Array Technologies, both companies were selected for the 967 MW Gemini Solar Project, the largest stand-alone solar and storage project in the country. Ojjo has several additional projects underway with both Array Technologies and Nextracker, and the demand for GameChange Solar trackers is strong in the expected projects.

“Since our inception, we have worked closely with the innovative leaders of Nextracker and Array Technologies to deliver a cost-effective and streamlined offering, and we are grateful for the continued support and collaboration of their teams,” said Mike Miskovsky, Chairman and CEO. From Ojjo. “We are proud to announce our alignment with GameChange Solar and appreciate the continued work of all these industry leaders to help Ojjo realize our 10 GW active project.”

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