Aurinkohuvimaja offers a backyard production capacity of up to 4.3 kW



Arka Energy’s new outdoor gazebo provides 2.4 kW to 4.3 kW of solar energy for residential buildings through monocrystalline PERC solar panels.

Just in time for the summer grilling season, Arka Energy introduces PowerGazebo to residential solar installers and consumers in the US, offering 2.4 kW to 4.3 kW of solar power on monocrystalline PERC solar panels.

The outdoor gazebo serves as a functional solution for households looking for home electricity, especially those with limited space on the roof for traditional solar panels.

With a solar capacity of 14W per square foot, the PowerGazebo is available in 180 square feet or 312 square feet. Arka Energy grants a 25-year warranty on the solar panels, while the gazebo assembly is designed to withstand strong storm winds.

Mono PERC solar panels have a power capacity ranging from 77 W to 97 W, a cell efficiency of 22% and a 10-way structure. The panels are installed at a slope of 7-14 degrees, which optimizes daily sunlight exposure.

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