Ideal presents a monobloc heat pump for residential use



Ideal Heating, operating in Great Britain, has developed an air source heat pump for the UK residential market. It is available in two versions with a heating power of 8.2 kW or 10.3 kW and uses R32 as refrigerant. It says the heat pump can be combined with rooftop solar to maximize self-consumption.

The heating power of the Logic Air heat pump is 8.2 kW or 10.3 kW, dimensions 1095 mm x 518 mm x 1008 mm and weight 110 kg. It is designed for new and retrofit installations of both radiator and underfloor heating systems. The heat pump can also be combined with roof electricity to maximize own consumption.

The coefficient of performance (COP) is up to 5.19 for the 8.2 kW model and up to 4.9 for the 10.3 kW model, according to the company’s data sheet. The heat pump produces hot water up to 55 C. Its seasonal coefficient of performance (SCOP) for heating water to 35 C ranges from 5.16 to 5.19, while SCOP for 55 C applications ranges from 3.7 to 3.73.

“Using the principles of the award-winning Logic boiler, the Logic Air heat pump integrates seamlessly into UK homes. Partnered with our best-in-class tap water tank and connected Halo Air room thermostat, Logic Air is fast. install, easy to deploy and use, Ideal said.

It claims that the Logic Air heat pump produces 55 db(A) of noise, equivalent to a normal conversation between two people. The new device uses R32 as refrigerant with a charge of 1.47 kg. It has a global warming potential (GWP) of 675.

In April, Ideal Heating announced plans to build a new £10 million ($12.5 million) heat pump research and development center in Hull, England.

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