A French startup plans a 5 GW solar module factory



Holosolis aims to build a new plant in Hambach, northwestern France, near the site where REC previously planned a 4GW heterojunction panel production facility.

French startup Holosolis, a spinoff of EIT InnoEnergy, has revealed plans to build a module manufacturing facility in Hambach, near Sarreguemines in northwestern France.

The location is the same as the now abandoned factory project of the Norwegian solar module manufacturer REC. It was originally planned to build a 4 GW heterojunction panel factory there.

The capacity of the new factory is 5 GW and it will start commercial operations in 2027. Holosolis, currently operating in Grenoble, said that it is also considering other locations for the project in Germany, Poland, Portugal and Spain.

The company announced that it will invest 710 million euros ($772.1 million) in the new facility.

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