Hydrogen flow: Northern Europe in the development of a hydrogen project



Dutch and Brazilian ports have signed a cooperation agreement on port development and green hydrogen production, while Thyssenkrupp Nucera has launched a new alkaline water electrolysis (AWE) module.

Port of Rotterdam, Holland and the port of Pecem in Brazil have signed a notice of intent to enhance bilateral cooperation in port development, logistics, inland connections and port-related energy projects. This includes offshore wind energy and green hydrogen production. The agreement was signed in the presence of Prime Minister Rutte and the Dutch economic delegation during their visit to Brazil.

Thyssenkrupp Nucera is introduced A 20 MW AWE module that highlights the importance of the scalability of green hydrogen as a carbon-free energy source. The module is designed to be connected with several units.

BASF Environmental Catalyst and Metal Solutions and Advent Technologies have reached a new agreement to build a full-loop component supply chain for fuel cells. There are also discussions about expanding the partnership to water electrolysis. The scope of the agreement includes BASF’s role in increasing Membrane Electrode Assembly (MEA) production at Advent’s planned production facility in Greece. This partnership enables the recycling of key materials for Advent’s HT-PEM fuel cells, which operate at 120-180C.

Vattenfall and actress Cara Delevingne are launched the first “Industrial Emissions Face Mist”. The facial spray is made from factory “wastewater” using “fossil-free hydrogen”. Water is a by-product of the Swedish HYBRIT plant, which was created as a collaboration between Vattenfall, the steel manufacturer SSAB and the mining company LKAB.

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