Germany’s solar power systems feed 40 GW of solar power into the grid for the first time



In the first week of May, the solar power systems installed in Germany generated the most net electricity production. They fed a total of 1,744.46 GWh of solar electricity into the grid and their share was thus 23.6%.

On May 4, Germany’s solar power systems fed more than 40 GW of power into the grid for the first time.

“A new record,” tweeted Bruno Burger, director of energy maps at the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE. The limit was crossed at about 1 p.m. by about 40,014 GW, his analysis shows.

May 4th was not a good day for solar power production. Although large parts of the country are still longing for warm temperatures and a permanent spring, the bright sunshine and fairly cool temperatures are perfect for creating solar power systems.

According to Energy Charts data, a total of nearly 1,744.5 GWh of solar electricity was produced for public net electricity production and fed into the grid in the first week of May. This is a share of 23.6 percent, which puts solar power ahead of lignite at 19.9 percent and onshore wind at 19.1 percent. Overall, the share of renewable energy in the net public electricity production was 66.8% in the first days of May.

The high supply of solar electricity and wind power lowered the retail price of electricity. On Sunday afternoon, the price of electricity on the spot market even fell slightly into negative territory. In intraday trading, the price peaked at 20:00 on May 3, 163 euros/MWh. During the next day’s record feed, the price dropped to 43 euros/MWh.

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