Indian IB Solar is commissioning a new 400 MW solar module manufacturing line



Company director Abhinav Mahajan said pv magazine a new 400 MW solar panel production line will be commissioned in July this year. The facility is capable of manufacturing M10, half-cut, 144-cell modules.

Noida-based IB Solar is expanding its solar module manufacturing capacity to 500 MW by adding a 400 MW fully automated line. The new facility, located in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, will be commissioned in July this year.

IB Solar Director Abhinav Mahajan said pv magazine their new 400MW manufacturing facility is capable of producing M10, half-cut, 144-cell modules.

Cliantech Solutions and Technologies Llp is a delivery, installation and maintenance support partner for production equipment purchased from China.

IB Solar’s current 100 MW production facility produces multi- and monocrystalline modules.

Mahajan said they plan to start manufacturing the cells by 2026 and are in talks with European and other foreign companies about possible joint ventures.

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