Funds have been granted to TSI for the development of solar windows



Solar PV manufacturer Toledo Solar Inc (TSI) has received $8.8 million in federal funding through the US Department of Energy’s (DOE) Solar Energy Technology Office (SETO) to continue its work to commercialize transparent and semi-transparent solar glass products. architectural windows.

As part of the award from SETO, TSI and its partners will contribute a cost share of $9 million, bringing the project’s total funding to $17.8 million.

TSI says that the development of semi-transparent solar glass allows the traditional glass market to be included in the energy production solution.

“This award will help Toledo Solar continue to bring domestic solar technology to the evolving landscape of new energy markets while creating many new next-generation clean energy manufacturing jobs,” said CEO Aaron Bates. “Together with the University of Toledo and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, we are accelerating the commercialization of CdTe-based building-integrated solar windows.”

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