Tokyo sets up buying groups for solar panels and batteries



The Tokyo Metropolitan Government claims that groups can get discounts of up to 20 percent on purchases of solar modules and batteries.

“Aside In the past, procurement groups have proven to be able to reduce installation costs, including equipment construction costs, by 10 to 20 percent,” the city administration said.

It noted that signing up for the program does not oblige you to purchase products. Participants have the opportunity to purchase solar power systems and batteries separately in addition to the solar plus storage packages.

The program covers from April 28 – July 31. Participation in the program can be combined with other incentives already offered by the program. Tokyo metropolitan area governmentst for solar and storage.

In December, the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly approved new mandatory solar electricity requirements for new buildings and apartments starting in 2025. The rules apply to new apartments with a roof area of ​​more than 20 square meters and buildings with a total roof area of ​​less than 2,000 square meters. They also require companies to install solar panels on 30 percent of their roof surfaces. Some parts of the city may have a requirement that 85% of all roofs be covered with solar power.

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