Beny Electric presents a 600W microinverter for balcony solar modules



Beny Electric’s new 600 W microinverters are designed for balcony solar modules. Their efficiency is 96.5% and Europe’s efficiency is 96%. They are available in three different versions with powers of 500 W, 550 W and 600 W.

“With an industry-leading maximum input current of 18A and support for up to 1.5x DC:AC ratio, it’s perfect for homeowners looking for the latest in energy-efficient technology,” the company said in a statement. “The core control chip is automotive grade and ensures full power at temperatures as low as 50-55C and can still achieve 60% power at 70C.”

The new product is available in three versions with nominal powers of 500 W, 550 W and 600 W.

The efficiency of the BYM600W microinverter is 96.5%, European efficiency 96% and maximum power point tracking (MPPT) 99.9%. Its operating voltage range is 18 V to 60 V, maximum input voltage 60 V and maximum input current 18.5 A.

The new products also have an operating voltage range of 16 V to 60 V, a maximum input voltage of 60 V and a maximum input current of 20 A. It has an MPPT voltage range of 24 to 50 V and a nighttime power consumption of less than 100 mW. Measuring 210mm x 230mm x 34mm and weighing 2.39kg, they feature IP67 housing and natural convection cooling systems.

“The product has undergone strict aging and quality assurance tests, amtime between failures (MTBF) more than 30 years, with a maximum warranty of 25 years,” the manufacturer stated.

Beny Electric, based in Wenzhou, China, recently launched a 2.5kWh battery for home use and a series of microinverters for residential and commercial solar power systems.

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