BioStar Renewables Hanat Castillo Engineering for the 15 MW project



Castillo Engineering has partnered with BioStar Renewables to provide electrical design and engineering for a 15 MW solar project in Kansas.

The Behind the Meter project utilizes single-axis tracking technology and uses a newly built renewable diesel with on-site energy all year round. The project, which is now under construction, is expected to be completed in the second quarter.

“We chose Castillo Engineering for this project because they have proven to be an exceptional partner in the many projects they have supported us in in many different states,” said David Smart, Commercial Director of BioStar Renewables. “They are very detailed in every step of the design process and we are excited to work with them to provide more sustainable energy for this renewable diesel plant.”

The solar energy system will replace the plant’s 22 MW steam generator. To achieve this, Castillo Engineering is working on the main challenges of the project, including the direct connection to the substation, as well as the design of the site in the railway loop, which required the company to minimize railway crossings by optimizing conductor routes.

BioStar Renewables has engaged Castillo Engineering in three other solar projects across the country.

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