A South Korean startup offers portable, connectable solar chargers



According to Hanvixolar, four solar panels require about 5 hours of charging time to fully charge a smartphone. The mini-panels use interleaved solar cells with back contacts from the American company Maxeon.

The panels can be combined into small solar arrays to increase power output and reduce charging time. They are removable and can be stacked together for easy portability.

The panels can be used with a controller that includes a DC/DC converter module and USB-A and C ports. Users can purchase other controllers with different functions such as battery, wireless charging, Bluetooth or charging status display. In outdoor spaces, the solar panels can be assembled flat in their tin packaging box.

According to the manufacturer, four solar panels require about 5 hours of charging time to fully charge a smartphone, while nine panels are needed to fully charge a smartphone in about 2.5 hours. The modules measure 88mm x 88mm x 5mm, weigh 50g, and are built with interdigitated back-contact (IBC) solar cells supplied by US manufacturer Maxeon.

Each panel has an output power of 1.2W, a maximum breakdown voltage of 6.2V and a maximum short-circuit current of 0.2A. The controller measures 88mm x 24mm x 14mm and weighs 30g, while the tin box measures 200mm x 100mm x 25 mm and weight 150 grams.

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