Bosch opens a heat pump factory in Poland



Bosch has announced that it will build its first heat pump factory in Dobromierz, Poland. The German heat manufacturer is investing 225 million euros ($247.3 million) in the new facility, which is expected to start up in early 2026.

“Heat pump technology is a European success story that we want to continue,” said Christian Fischer, Vice President of Bosch.

The manufacturer has invested heavily in European heat pump development since 2018 due to growing demand. Construction is scheduled to begin in 2024, and production is slated to begin in late 2025 or early 2026. According to Bosch, the factory will create 500 new jobs by 2027.

The German heating manufacturer will also start production of R290 refrigerant air source heat pumps in Eibelshausen, Germany – the company’s original production facility. It also develops and manufactures heat pumps in Portugal, Sweden and Wernau, Germany.

According to Bosch, sales of its heat pumps will increase by 54% in 2022.

“In the European Union, we expect growth in this very dynamic environment to be exceptionally fast and we have set ourselves the goal of growing significantly faster than the market,” said Bosch Home Comfort Group CEO Jan Brockmann. “Together with our existing European plants, the new plant in Poland will help us achieve these growth goals.”

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