Brazil reaches 20 GW of distributed solar capacity



Brazil’s distributed solar capacity has reached 20,186 GW with over 10,204 GW of rooftop installations.

Brazil has surpassed 20 GW of distributed solar capacity. The country had reached the 19 GW limit at the end of March.

According to data from the Brazilian Electricity Regulatory Agency (Aneel), more than 1.8 million distributed generation solar systems in 5,526 municipalities were connected to the Brazilian grid as of April 20, 2023, supplying 2.4 million consumer units. Of the 20,444 GW of distributed generation, 20,186 GW comes from solar generation.

São Paulo (2,741 GW), Minas Gerais (2,653 GW), Rio Grande do Sul (2,131 GW), Paraná (1,901 GW) and Santa Catarina (1,392 GW) are the leading states in terms of installed capacity.

Most of Brazil’s distributed solar generation is installed at the point of consumption itself, with more than 15.6 GW installed in 1.5 million systems that supply energy to the unit where they are installed. Self-consumption systems are in second place with a total of 4.4 GW in 325,000 installations. In contrast, energy communities have only 109 MW of installed capacity in 4,431 systems.

Residential rooftop systems account for just over half of the installed capacity of distributed generation, with 10.2 GW installed in 1.476 million systems.

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