Solar modules made in Germany – Soluxtec announced its first n-type solar module DMMXSCNi



The German solar manufacturer has moved all its production lines away from PERC modules in order to offer n-type modules to its partners.

At the beginning of the fourth quarter of 2022, Soluxtec had already started considering the transition from PERC to n-type solar modules. “Similarly, we have been the first manufacturer of photovoltaic modules in Germany, as we have been able to offer our customers M10 Half Cut Cells from September 2021. We are happy to be among the first again – if not the first. one – in Germany, which will offer n-type TOPCon modules from this month onwards to our partners”, says Tim Leutert, CEO of Soluxtec.

Soluxtec CEO Tim Leutert


“All Soluxtec’s Factory 2 production lines have been replaced to offer our customers the latest developments, allowing our partners to enjoy over 22% efficiency for the first time. Better efficiency is expected in the coming months,” said Soluxtec CTO Julien Zanini. “It was clear to me as early as Q4 2022 that we needed to offer a product with higher efficiency and better LCOE than the current standard in the PV industry,” he added.

More than 500 MW in 2023

In 2023, Soluxtec expects more than 500 MW of output from Factory 2, which is expected to lead to better prices compared to current European PERC production. The volume is available through Soluxtec’s historic distribution partners.

According to the company, the challenge was to find an attractive balance between prices, efficiency and “Made in Germany” production for the new product, as the outdated PERC p-type technology no longer has a future.

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DMMXSCNi offers an affordable LCOE

“There are so many differences that make n-type modules better than PERC,” explains Zanini. He adds that in addition to higher efficiency, better warranty performance and the fact that the modules are not susceptible to degradation caused by light, the company’s partners have the opportunity to enjoy the latest technology in the mainstream solar energy industry. .

Soluxtec’s outlook

The company confirms that it will make a new investment of around 1 GW in n-type solar cell technology to meet the high demand for “Made in Germany” solar solutions in Europe and the US in 2024. Soluxtec is currently comparing future trends such as HJT or IBC back contact cells, either by changing the company’s current factory 1 , or by establishing a new factory 3.

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