Siemens, Lightsource bp Finalize major solar inverter supply contract



Lightsource bp has signed an agreement with Siemens to supply solar inverters to several projects in the Midwest and Southeast.

Under the agreement, Lightsource bp will use more than 850 MW of Siemens inverters, with the option to add an additional 200 MW over the next two years as part of its renewable project development pipeline.

For most of the projects, Siemens supplies inverter central stations with a power of 4.3 MW to 4.7 MW, including gas-insulated switchgear, step-up transformers and auxiliary power plants. Siemens staff supports commissioning and installation in projects.

“By entering into significant long-term procurement agreements with bankable, world-class suppliers such as Siemens, we can meet this urgent demand for sustainable, affordable energy and realize Lightsource bp’s industry-leading growth plans,” said Kevin Smith, CEO of Americas for Lightsource. bp.

Separately from the new contract, more than 185 MW Siemens central inverter stations are to be delivered to Lightsource bp for the rest of the year.

As of 2019, Lightsource has commissioned or begun construction of 3.2 GW of US solar projects in 11 states.

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