The oil company is commissioning a 100 MW solar power plant in Argentina



YPF Luz has commissioned a 100 MW solar power plant in the province of San Juan, Argentina. It says the array is the first phase of a larger 300 MW solar project.

Argentinian oil and gas supplier YPF Luz has inaugurated a 100 MW solar power plant near the town of Bella Vista in northern Argentina, in the San Juan province of northern Argentina. The Zonda solar power plant is the first phase of a 300 MW solar project that will be completed at an unspecified later stage.

YPF Luz has invested about 90 million dollars in the 100 MW plant. Part of this amount – $63.9 million – was raised by issuing a green bond. Construction started in February 2022. The Zonda plant has a capacity factor of 36%, and 170,880 bifacial panels have been installed on an area of ​​200 hectares.

Aurinkovoimala has already received approval from Cammesa, which manages the country’s electricity wholesale market. It said it could start operating the first 30MW and “the final stages of commissioning are being completed so that it will soon be operating at 100%.”

The state government selected the 300 MW project in the first round of the RenovAr program. It was financed with funds from the Export-Import Bank of China and a $210 million bond issued by the province of Jujuy, where it is located. Jemse owns 80% of the project and the remaining 20% ​​is divided between Power China, Shanghai Electric and Talesun.

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