Mobile solar power system for farms



India’s Vivasvan Solar has designed a foldable solar structure that is mounted on a trolley. The system has mechanisms to prevent damage to the panels during transport and is particularly useful on agricultural farms.

India-based Vivasvan Solar has created a foldable solar panel structure that can efficiently use water pumps for irrigation by easily moving within or between farms. The system, consisting of PV panels and a frequency converter, is installed on the wagon.

“In the Sangli area, a farmer can have two or three sources of irrigation water, such as a well, an open well and an artificial pond. Our variable frequency drive system is compatible with various solar pump solutions, giving farmers the flexibility to pump water from any of these water resources on their farm,” said Rahul Chavan, Director, Vivasvan Industries OPC. pv magazine.

Transporting portable solar power systems can lead to the development of micro-cracks, especially on uneven terrain in the field. To address this concern, Chavan noted that spring suspension is installed at all four corners between the panel arrangement and the chassis of the carriage, and a rubber damper is installed between the frames of the solar modules. These act as shock absorbers to prevent damage to the panels. In addition, the PV panels use a self-developed frame made of light steel.

Vivasvan Industries has already installed its portable solar structure at a farm in Kharsund in Sangli district of Maharashtra. The PV system consists of 15 Axitec 335 Wp panels. Chavan said the system can be customized from 1kW to 7kW with a single trolley.

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